Application of pullulan in Food

Adding a small amount of pullulan in food processing can significantly improve food quality, such as:

(1) Adding part of pullulan in the cakes, biscuits, bread, and pastries, can not only be used for forming, but also improve its flavor. In addition, It is also used as an adhesive ingredient for peanut kernels, nuts, almonds, melon seeds, fruit ingredients, etc with strong viscosity and little possibility of coming off .
(2) In top-quality tofu, pullulan has good surface gloss with salt halide and gluconolactone, with a soybean flavor, which simplifies the technique and improves the quality of tofu.
(3) When making a fish cake (ball), adding polysaccharide with a mass fraction of 0.1% can enhance the quality of it and maintain the prototype.
(4) The ester formed by pullulan and higher fatty acid has better emulsification than sucrose fatty acid ester and starch fatty acid ester, and can be used as an emulsifier for stabilizing fat, which can endow the ice cream with the lubricity, better flavor and taste.
(5) In the processing of chocolate, using pullulan can make it obtain good moldability, glossy and smooth surface, wonderful taste and flavor.
(6) Adding pullulan in high-salt foods can thicken them, such as thickening and brightening in foods like soy sauce, seasonings, cooked foods, and pickles, so that they taste smoother with no syneresis.
(7) Packing fried foods and fat-rich foods in bags made of pullulan can prevent deterioration, smashing and decay. Ham, ham sausage, and frozen foods are sprayed into film or pullulian film bags with pullulan or derivatives, which can keep fresh and antiseptic, and prolong the preservation period by 4-5 times.
(8) Using pullulan as the microcapsule wall to make the seasoning and the condiment microencapsulated to achieve the purpose of keeping fresh and fragrant.
(9) Grains, noodles, dough sheet, etc, tend to stick to each other in the process of cooking and brewing heat treatment, and adding 0.01% to 1% of pullulan before processing can solve these problems well. Good conditions are provided for fermentation, ventilation, and drying. It prevents adhesion during heating and increases bulkiness.
(10) Utilizing its membrane properties of knots and film-forming properties for decorative coatings on baked foods to prevent cracking, keep conformal, and increase surface color.
(11) The baked fish and meat products treated with pullulan can effectively maintain the shape, which helps to improve the stickiness and water binding capacity of the meat products. Meanwhile, the meat products can be dried to make crispy or semi-dry meat products for fast food.
(12) In the processing of chewing gum and soft sweets, adding 1%-4% pullulan can improve the taste of the product, and prolong the chewing time and fragrance. In the processing of sugar-free chewing gum, adding 4% pullulan can increase the extensibility and strength, with characteristics of no cracking, bearing chewing, fragrant, good taste and long shelf life.
(13)In fruit juice drinks, the use of pullulan can moderately increase its richness, smoothness, good dispersibility, stability, and rich taste.
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