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Welcome to Bolise - a Chinese professional supplier of Natural Food Colors and Food coloring,Herbal Extracts,such as,Acacia  RigidulaGum,Capsiate,Stachyose,ect.
Herbal Extracts Herbal Extracts Herbal Extracts Herbal Extracts Herbal Extracts Herbal Extracts
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Herbal Extracts
As an ISO 9000:2001 & GMP certificated manufacturer of Herbal Extracts. We own the best resources of herbal raw materials and advanced technology.We can offer a complete products line of Herbal extracts as long as the raw materials are available, such as:
Sucralose Acacia Rigidula Gum  Sucralose Capsiate
Aronia Chokeberry Extract Aronia Extract             Stachyose Stachyose
Hawthorn EXreact Hawthorn Extract        Resveratrol Resveratrol
Soybean isoflavone Soybean isoflavone   Sucralose Sucralose
Grape Seed Extracts Grape Seed Extracts  Sucralose Lycopene
Red Clover Extracts Red Clover Extracts   Sucralose Alfalfa Extract

                                                     more herbal extracts

Natural Preservative
Our Natural Preservatives are developed by Microbiology Research Institute of the Science Academy of China and our compny as part of a major programe by the Chinese government to develop products for the Chinese food industry.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract Nisin
Ginkgo Biloba Extract Natamycin
Ginkgo Biloba Extract Pullulan polysaccharide
Ginkgo Biloba Extract ε-Polylysine, epsilon-Polylysine, ε-PL

                                                      more OEM Capsule & Tablet

Natural Food Color
The natural food colors are extracted from natural herbs.Our company originally created the high-tech production techniques of natural food colors which are with high quality and color value, our natural food colors can be widely used in food, wine, drink, cakes, candies, cosmetics, Drugs coloring agent, etc. The natural colors provide the basic protection for food safety.
NisinGardenia Blue Color
NisinGardenia Green Color
NisinRadish Red Color
Nisin Safflower Yellow Color
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Sexual enhancement
The Sexual Enhancement & weight loss supplement Divison are empowered with the most advanced and newest weight loss raw materials, male and female sexual healthy products trends.Each kinds of chemical raw materials could be manufactured into capsule, pill, oral drink and wine,with more than 99% purity.

Nutrition Additive Man/male sexual enhancement
Nutrition Additive Woman/female sexual enhacement
Nutrition Additive Weight loss supplement
Nutrition Additive Other supplement
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Our Advantages

1. Herbs Source
Our company is a representative of The Herbal Materials Association of China who owns best herb raw materials in China, we have always selected carefully our herb materials, ensuring the best quality of raw materials.
2. Technical Support
Our manufacturing technologies are developed together with the Biology Research Institutes of the Science Academy of China, Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Najing Universit. Ensuring the advanced technologies.
3. Quality Control
The active ingredients must be tested strictly by HPLC, UV or GC,We scrutinize the quality before we ship our products out
4. Quality Promotion
Supercritical Co2 Extraction guarantees the high purity. Natural Food Color.

Natural Food Color Natural Food Color