The differences between THC oil and CBD Hemp Oil

Two different substances in marijuana bring you different feelings. THC is a nerve-active substance, which is the main reason of marijuana being listed as a drug. The low-content THC is medical marijuana. THC, whose content is less than 0.3%,  is called industrial cannabis. Cannabisdiol, namely CBD, is a non-neuroactive substance and antagonizes (confrontation) with THC, which can also counteract the effects of THC on human nerves. As every coin has two sides, marijuana also has its positive side,  for example, cannabinoid CBD can be extensively used in medical treatment.

The hemp oil is extracted from the stems and leaves of hemp, which contains different contents of CBD and nearly no THC.
The hemp seed oil is extracted from Hemp seeds, which contains almost no THC and CBD, but is rich in fatty acids.
The cannabis oil is extracted from the leaves of cannabis, which contains different contents of CBD and THC.
CBD oil can be extracted from both cannabis and hemp. As for which marijuana to choose, it depends on local laws. For example, in China, CBD is extracted from hemp; in most states of America, hemp and cannabis are all available.
THC oil must be extracted from cannabis and contains nearly no CBD.
Hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, contains various cannabinoids and indophenols that work synergistically with CBD.
Hemp seed oil is mainly used in cosmetics, moisturizing and anti-oxidation, and can also be used as an edible oil.
According to different cannabis strains, the concentration ratio of THC and CBD in cannabis oil is different, additionally CBD has a certain elimination effect on THC.
CBD oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety and anti-tumor properties, while THC oil can relieve anxiety, pain, nausea and inflammation.

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