Pullulan Use

Pullulan is a water-soluble mucopolysaccharide and the finished product is white solid powder. Because of its good film formation, fiber formation, gas barrier, adhesion, easy processing, non-toxic and other characteristics, it has been widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical and petroleum fields. 
The main application areas of pullulan:
(1) Adhesive forming agents for the pharmaceutical and healthcare capsule industry and cosmetics.
(2) Food quality improvers and thickeners.
(3) A water-soluble packaging material for preventing oxidation.
(4) Raw materials of low-calorie food for staple foods and pastries.

Application in the preservation of agricultural products
Pullulan has good film-forming properties, so it can be widely used for preservation of agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables and eggs.
Application in seafood preservation
Studies have shown that as a new type of film preservative for seafood, pullulancan can fully and effectively inhibit the accumulation of TVB-N in seafood, and also has a wonderful protective effect on the evaporation of water in seafood.
Application in the food processing industry
As a low-calorie food raw material for staple foods and pastries, food quality improver and plasticizer, it is widely used in the food industry.
Application in the field of environmental protection
The product is applied to high-turbidity water purification treatment, urban sewage primary strengthening treatment and wastewater treatment in monosodium glutamate production, forming a complete process and technology.
Application in the packaging industry
Pullulan is a nonionic, non-reductive, stable polysaccharide which is readily soluble in water and acts as a non-gelling aqueous solution that is viscous, neutral, and non-separating. The finished film is transparent, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, tough, highly oil resistant, edible, and can be used for food packaging. Its gloss, strength and folding resistance are better than those made from high amylose starch.
Application of health food additives
When treating diabetes, insulin reactions often occur, and the severe ones might be life-threatening. Controlling the occurrence of insulin reaction is an vital part of the treatment of diabetes. Foreign studies have found that adding a certain amount of low molecular weight of pullulan to the daily diet can significantly reduce the probability of insulin reaction, lower blood sugar concentration, and can be used as an adjuvant therapy for diabetes. Studies have shown that low-molecular-weight pullulan can not directly affect the blood sugar concentration, but can reduce the insulin concentration, and maintain a steady state, which in turn affects the blood sugar concentration. There is currently a patent for the adjuvant therapy of diabetes with pullulan as an additive to beverages or meals. Pullulan can effectively proliferate bifidobacteria in the body, thereby maintaining the balance of intestinal microflora and improving constipation.