The efficacy and function of Wormwood

Wormwood, also known as Chinese mugwort, whose whole body is valuable. The wormwoods are msotly bitter, and the sweet ones are used as ingredients, so it is called Aicai (a kind of vegetable literally). Its odour is fragrant, which can be used for cooking dishes and soup, or making good medicine. It can help treat menstrual disease, being capable of preventing miscarriage, stopping bleeding, soothing the nerves and clearing the orifice.

(1) Nutritional value of wormwood
Modern pharmacological studies have found that artemisia argyi leaves have high-content volatile oil, including 1.8-eucalyptol (more than 50%), and other substances like α-flavinone, sesquiterpene alcohol and its esters. Air-dried leaves contain 10.13% minerals, 2.59% fat, 25.85% protein, and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. Chinese mugwort is used in Moxibustion, generally, the older the Chinese mugwort used the better the effect. 
The wormwood is bitter, spicy and warm, and it suits the spleen, liver and kidney. The "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Chinese mugwort can be used for medicine, and it's mild, bitter, non-toxic, pure yang, being capable of smoothing twelve meridians, restoring yang, regulating qi and blood, eliminating dampness and cold, stopping bleeding and preventing miscarriage, so it is usually used for acupuncture.  Therefore, wormwood is also called "medical grass". The popular "herbal bath" in Taiwan is using mostly Chinese mugwort.
(2) The efficacy of wormwood
The wormwood is bitter and dry, and it can regulate qi and blood, warm meridians, eliminate cold and dampness, and stop cold pain, so it is a vital medicine for gynecology. It is used for the treatment of cold pain in abdomen, menstrual disorder, uterine cold induced infertility, and other related symptoms, such as aifu nuangong pills. Stir-fry charcoal to stop bleeding, can be used to cure debilitating menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, pregnancy, fetal leakage, such as ass-hide glue and argyi leaf decoction. This product is made into velvet, and then moxa or moxa cone, whose external moxibustion can relieve cold and pain, warm qi and blood. Decoction washing outside the soup can cure scabies, damp sore, phlegm and itching.
(3) The role of wormwood
Wormwood has been used to prevent plague for thousands of years. Chinese herbal medicine can be taken locally, and pharmacological studies in modern medicine have indicated that wormwood is a broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral drug that inhibits and kills many viruses and bacteria. It has a certain preventive effect on respiratory diseases. The method of wormwood smoke for epidemic prevention is a simple and easy way to prevent epidemics.
Wormwood, also known as Jiaai, and artemisia. Its stems and leaves contain volatile aromatic oils, which produce a strange aroma, repelling mosquitoes, insects and ants to purify the air. Wormwood is usually used in traditional Chinese medicine, which has the function of regulating qi and blood, warming uterus, and eliminating cold and dampness. The moxibustion method in Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion, the "moxa floss" processed from mugwort is placed on the acupoints for burning to cure the disease.