Can pregnant women eat Wormwood?

Mugwort is the leaf of wormwood, perennial herb or slightly half shrub-like, and the plant has a strong aroma. Stems are solitary or few, brown or grayish-brown and its base is slightly lignified, upper is succulent, with few short branches, thickly papery leaves, grayish white pubescent above, usually no pseudostipule or tiny pseudostipule on the base; upper leaves and bract leaves are in a half-pinnatifid shape, flower heads are oval. Corolla is tubular or goblet-shaped, with glandular spots outside, while anthers are narrowly linear, stylus is nearly as long as corolla or slightly longer than corolla. The achenes are long ovate or oblong and its flowering fruit period is from September to October. Whole grass used for medicine has a capability of warming, dehumidification, dispelling cold, stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation, relieving asthma, relieving cough, miscarriage prevention, anti-allergy and so on.

The wormwood mainly grows in the eastern part of Asia, and it is widely distributed in China. The wormwood is highly adaptable and often grows in wilderness and grassland. According to a legend, a long time ago, people has already known how to use wormwood to relieve joint pain. In addition to this efficacy, wormwood has an identically good effect on the treatment of chronic bronchitis, which can relieve symptoms such as cough and asthma. Besides that, wormwood has a good function for women, and it has a good effect on the treatment of irregular menstruation and infertility.
The wormwood can not only be used as a Chinese herbal medicine for healing, but also can be eaten daily as a therapeutic food. In addition to the homology of medicine and food, it can also be used as a natural dye material and inkpad. Apparently, the effects of wormwood are so extensive, but today we're going to get to know what the ways of eating wormwood are. The wormwood can be used as a dish, a staple food, or a dessert.
Whether pregnant women can eat wormwood or not depends on the physique of them. The older generation knows that wormwood is a Chinese herbal medicine that has the effect of warming the menstruation, stopping bleeding and prevent miscarriage, so they all think that all pregnant women can eat wormwood, which is good for the fetus. Although it has not been scientifically certified, according to traditional Chinese medicine, wormwood is bitter, spicy, warm, and can restore the sun, regulate qi and blood, expel the body's moisture and chill, so pregnant women with relatively cold physique or with habitual abortion can eat wormwood. However, if the physique of the pregnant woman is too hot, and she eats wormwood, it is easy to get inflamed, and it's not good for pregnant women and fetuses.