Artemia Extract

Artemia Extract

[ Detection method ] UV; HPLC
[ Plant part used ] worm body
[ Appearance ] Brownish yellow powder
[ Main Ingredients ] CP4G
[ Application ] Medicine Cosmetics and Health Food
Artemia Extract Skin Benefits
Anti aging Agents;
Anti stress Relaxing Agents;
Protective Agents;
Regenerating Revitalizing Agents;
About Artemia Extract(Artemia Salina Extract)
Artemia Extract is an extract of the brine shrimp (Artemia salina),a crustacean in the animal kingdom. It is used in cosmetics as a skin conditioner.
Artemia Extract contains rich protein, complete composition of amino acid and relatively high-content crude fat. In the Artemia Extract, the unsaturated fatty acid is higher than saturated fatty acid. Another characteristic of Artemia Extract is that it can significantly increase the content of Fe2+ in the liver, while Fe2+ is the main component of heme. Therefore, Artemia Extract can be used as a hematinic to increase the content of DHA, EPA, heme, and brain protein in the liver.
Artemia Extract is a unique extract from marine plankton that stimulates and protects the skin against environmental stress, enhances retention and repair, and effectively delays skin aging.
Artemia extracts newer multi-functional anti-aging ingredients to promote cell metabolism and regeneration. It was proposed in foreign journals in 2005, and its main component is Diguanosine Tetraphosphate (GP4G).



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