Why do Ketogenic Diets ranked low?

In January 2018, the U.S. News and World Report invited 25 internationally influential experts from nutrition, food psychology, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other research fields to rank 40 different dietary patterns, resulting in ketogenic diets at the bottom.
So what is a ketogenic diet? Why is the ketogenic diet so popular among weight loss people? Is ketogenic diet effective? Will there be some health risks? 
1. What is a ketogenic diet?
Fat metabolism in the body has two ways, one is to oxidize into carbon dioxide and water, the other is to produce ketone body; When carbohydrates are strictly controlled (usually within 20 grams), fat metabolism takes the second route, the ketogenic diet.
What should you eat or nor eat to limit carbohydrates to 20 grams or less?
●Foods not to eat:
1. All the staple food including miscellaneous grains and beans, such as steamed bread, rice, noodles, bread, dumplings, steamed buns, fried dough sticks, pot stickers, pancakes and miscellaneous beans.
2. All potatoes such as taro, sweet potato, purple potato, and yam.
3. All fruits except avocado with a particularly high fat content.
4. High-carbohydrate vegetables such as lily, lotus root, horseshoe, yam, okra, soybean, carrot, onion, garlic seedlings, beans, etc.
5. Any food that contains sucrose.
●Food that you can eat:
Milk (prefer not to drink, drink up to 1 pack), eggs, poultry, fish, shrimp, soybeans, nuts, vegetables with a net carbohydrate content of less than 3% are mainly leafy vegetables and melons such as cucumbers. , loofah, melon, zucchini, these foods can be eaten.
2. Why is ketogenic diet so popular among dieters?
Ketogenic diets are popular among people who lose weight because they lose weight in the short ter,for example,many people lose thirty or forty pounds in two months and, more importantly, they don't have to
starve themselves.
Why does this diet model lose weight so fast without starving?
Reason one:
Only the muscles and brain in the body can use the ketone body as a source of partial energy. Most of the ketone bodies that are not used can carry energy through the urine and breathing, which reduces the accumulation of energy in the body.
Reason two:
Ketone body has the effect of suppressing appetite. Dietary fiber in vegetables will increase satiety. Protein-rich meat, eggs, milk and beans will also help to delay satiety. Therefore, the appetite of ketogenic diet will become smaller and ingest. The energy will be reduced, which naturally helps to lose weight.
Reason three:
Most of the body's tissues and organs can not use ketone bodies,but only use glucose to supply energy. When strictly limiting carbohydrates, the body can only break down proteins and convert them into glucose.
Although the ketogenic diet does not strictly limit the amount of meat, eggs, and beans, but the smaller appetite does not suffice. This makes the protein-converted glucose that is eaten in the diet may not be enough for life, and then the body breaks down the protein in muscle tissue and turns it into glucose for energy supply, and a large amount of water produced by the decomposition of muscle tissue is excreted, which is also beneficial for weight loss.
3.The ketogenic diet effective? 
The rapid decline in weight in a short period of time has greatly increased the confidence of dieters, but the study found that this advantage is reflected in the weight loss of 3 to 6 months, the weight loss effect of 12 months or 24 months has no significant difference compared with other weight loss methods.
4.What are the health risks of ketogenic diets?
●Causing ketoacidosis.
●Increase the burden of liver and kidney.
The place where the ketone body is formed, the protein is converted into glucose, and the metabolic waste of protein is converted into urea is the liver, and the kidney is responsible for excreting urea and ketone bodies.
The ketogenic diet increases the production of ketone bodies, increases the process of protein conversion into glucose, and increases the nitrogen-containing waste. The burden of liver and kidney is naturally aggravated. In the long-term, the liver and kidney are operated at high load. People with poor liver and kidney function are not recommended to try the ketogenic diet.
●The skin is easy to dry, loose, and wrinkled.