Tips you should know about bacterial protection during an outbreak of NovelCoronavirus infection

Health and epidemic prevention experts stress that the main routes of pneumonia transmission of NovelCoronavirus infections that can be identified at present are direct transmission, aerosol transmission and contact transmission.
So what is direct propagation?
The so-called direct transmission refers to the patient sneezing, coughing, speaking droplets, exhaled gas close to direct inhalation of the infection, so wearing a mask can effectively prevent direct transmission.
However, the mouth itself is a natural place for bacteria to live, do not pay attention to oral hygiene, food residue after dinner will be fermented in the mouth under high temperature, cough, speaking droplets, exhale gas will also carry a large number of bacteria.
What method can restrain the bacterial growth of oral tract, maintaining the cleanness and wetnessof oral cavity?
During an outbreak, the first thing we do when we come into contact with polluted air is to disinfect it immediately. The same goes for the mouth, which needs regular cleaning and protection.
Wash hands frequently: wet hands, squeeze hand sanitizer, rub a lot of foam, nails, tiger mouth, the back of the hand to repeatedly rub.
Food and travel: do not eat raw food. Meat ingredients should be cooked. Eat more vegetables. And nutrition balance is very important.
Alcohol disinfection: after returning home, mobile phone, key and other carry-on articles should use 75% alcohol disinfection.
Before the outbreak, do not panic, good personal hygiene, take good care of yourself and to their loved ones more care. Survive the epidemic, the future is here.
Key points of self-protection:
1. Wear a mask when going out.
2, do not go to crowded places, if you need to go, in addition to wearing a mask protection, try not to face people, avoid coughing, shopping malls and supermarkets stay as short as possible,
3. Wash your hands and face before going home. Hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer or soapy water, don't touch your nose,
4. Improve immunity and avoid going to crowded and closed places. Strengthening exercise, regular work and rest and improving immunity are important means to avoid being infected.
5. Do not use your hands to cover your sneezing or coughing;
How to prevent NovelCoronavirus infection?
To prevent NovelCoronavirus infection, the following measures should be taken:
Avoid going to high risk areas
Avoid crowded areas. Avoid enclosed, airless public places and crowded places, especially children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Remember to wear a mask when you go out.
Enhance window ventilation. House should open a window everyday ventilated period of time. Strengthen air current, can prevent respiratory tract infection effectively.
Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash hands frequently, using soap and running water or hand sanitizer. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when you sneeze or cough, not with your hands.
Timely observation and treatment. If there is fever (especially high fever), cough, shortness of breath and other respiratory tract infection symptoms, you should promptly wear a mask and seek medical advice.

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