IMOD (herbal extract)

IMOD (short for "Immuno-Modulator Drug") is the name of an herbal drug that, according to Iranian scientists, protects those already infected by HIV from the spread of AIDS by strengthening the immune system. Though there is a class of real drugs called immunomodulators, which includes treatments such as interferons and interleukins that are effective against a variety of diseases, no evidence has yet been put forward about IMOD's efficacy that can be objectively tested or reviewed by scientists outside Iran.It has been discussed in the medical literature by JJ Amon of Human Rights Watch as an example of unproven AIDS cures.
IMOD was made public in February 2007 during Iran's planned "Great Achievements" announcements. IMOD, developed by a Russian scientist, consists of seven "completely native" Iranian herbs and was tested by the Iranian Research Center for HIV/AIDS. The medicine has been approved and announced by the Iranian Ministry of Health.
According to Iran, the drug took five years to develop and has been tested on 200 patients. Widespread testing to measure its efficacy has been promised by Iran.
The drug's claimed effect is to control or reduce the spread of HIV infection in the human body, and secondarily to control the infection by the virus. Iranian Health Minister Kamran Baqeri Lankarani is quoted as saying "The herbal-made medication, we call it IMOD, serves to rein the AIDS virus and redouble the body’s immunity. It is not a medication to completely kill the virus, it can be used besides other anti-retroviral drugs. The drug is that effective and safe with no proved side effects."[citation needed]
All news coverage concerning IMOD has cited the Fars News Agency as the origin of any information concerning IMOD. The Fars News Agency is affiliated with Iran's judiciary. Though it reported on IMOD, the less-credible Mehr News Agency is rarely cited due to its affiliation with Iran's Islamic Propagation Organization