The HA copes with the scarsdfsd

Very many people all have some hollow scar, perhaps because the age grows the wrinkle and the depth and the obvious tiger grain which appears, these question general use rubs Pi Huola the skin surgery all not to be able to improve, most gathers logical the method is levels by some fill material these hollow skins, is sure need to improve the hollow scar, levels the wrinkle and the improvement tiger grain.Medical arena many years seek the packing material which one kind may inject, the ideal packing material should not have the toxicity and can and the body tissue accommodating, these materials should be stable, lasting and also may by the bodily absorption and the decomposition.The hyaluric acid (or called Bolivia uric acid) has these characteristics, moreover these grain shape material is may preserve and inject the hypodermic achievement organization directly the packing material.Determines under orthopedic surgery doctor, the major part wrinkle, the tiger grain and the skin hollow all may use these fills to do hypodermic fill in the charge. The entire process may carry on in the clinic: First spreads anaesthesia medicinal ointment, after treats the anaesthetic potency display, doctor can in need the position to make the hypodermic injection; The injection dosage very are actually few, usually lies between 0.5 to 1 milliliter between, how much injects must certainly regard needs the scope to decide, the entire injection process may complete in ten several minutes.More importantly, after the injection finished doctor to have to hold back the hyaluric acid which injects by to make these materials not to be able blister, also may play the smooth role, this movement says in the entire treatment course quite important also must experience.After injection, the hyaluric acid can attach in this region amounts to about the average for half year, maintains the time truly by more than four months to 89 months different, although this material is not permanent, but a security reliable levels the scar method.