Application category of HA

Hyaluric acid - aging wrinkle ultimate murderer
The hyaluric acid is human body corium layer one ingredient, has the adsorption moisture ability, the component reaches as high as its itself weight 1000 times, the use includes the hyaluric acid (Hyaluronic Acid, HA) the maintenance, may improve dry and the reduced flesh wrinkle appearance, therefore, the hyaluric acid is the improvement does and gets older the flesh the most ideal product.Pours into corium layer of the skin the hyaluric acid, may cause wrinkle of the production to level rapidly, has repairs the face the effect.
Hyaluric acid - slow-down arthritis ache good medicine---Explanation
The hyaluric acid, one kind especially pure, the macromolecular weight, the high viscosity, implant in the ticulare using the injection hyaluric acid, can alleviate the osseous arthritis (Osteoarthritis) the ache, and increases the joint the mobility and the movement energy.Injects the hyaluric acid in the ticulare, may induce and restore the synovial fluid (Synovial fluid) the elasticity and the viscosity.
The hyaluric acid - reduces the ophthalmology department surgery risky security secret recipe---Explanation
The most ideal eye surgical operation mounts the ball liquid medicine is does with the hyaluric acid may support stickiness liquid, the macromolecular weight, the high viscosity hyaluric acid available at cataract surgery, in the eye corneal tranplant and glaucoma surgery, uses for to maintain the eye the shape and the protection valuables organization, causes the surgery injury to fall lowly to.
The hyaluric acid - guards against best moistens mounts (Anti-Adhesion) the medical thing---Explanation
Moistens mounts will be the organization surface which the thready dialysis will be normal should separate mounts.The patient 93% can have the technique approximately after the abdominal cavity surgery in to moisten mounts, serious when creates the small intestine to tie a knot.Moves in the gynecology department surgery patient to have the formation which above 80% has moistens mounts, but this kind of phenomenon possibly causes the woman sterile, therefore will use anti-moistens mounts the piece to be possible to prevent.
Coating agent (Coating)---Explanation
he hyaluric acid coating agent spreads in the blood drive pipe, directs on the drive pipe and other medicine tool has decreases the frictional force the function, may let the blood drive pipe extremely easily direct the vascular system, reduces the damage and the attrition.
Eye drops (Eye Drops)---Explanation
Includes the hyaluric acid eye drops available to protect, the lubrication and the moist eye, because because treats the patient the eye too to do or the adverse circumstance causes ill and other ache universal eye disease.
Veterinarian pharmacy (Veterinary---Explanation
May treat the horse racing and other animal common osseous arthritis and the ache using the injection macromolecular weight hyaluric acid way.
Wound cicatrization surgical dressing (Wound healing dressing---Explanation
The hyaluric acid may promote already the clear sore wound cicatrization speed, and reduces the scar the production; Pointed out according to the report research that, after the baby wound repair and maintenance not easy to have the scar reason, continues for its in vivo to include massive HA, but the adult wound lacks, therefore produces the scar; If uses the HA surgical dressing to be possible effective to prevent the scar production.In addition, HA also may accelerate repair and maintenance of function the wound, therefore may use sickness of in the wound not easy cicatrization, for example diabetes patients and so on foot ulcer or bedsore.
Hyaluric acid - other medicine application---Explanation
The medicine delivers (Drug delivery): The hyaluric acid adds on the basic growth hormone several formulas to be possible to promote the bone fracture the de-emphasis, the recent test result proved the hyaluric acid gathers carbohydrate possibly to be possible lowly to suppress some kind of cancer cell the expansion, this gathers carbohydrate to mount lowly blocks in the cell surface in the cell surface itself hyaluric acid acceptor.This cell surface itself hyaluric acid acceptor is the important pipeline which the cancer cell grows.