Nexcite is a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage with a proprietary formulation of herbal extracts and a touch of caffeine. As an energy drink it is sometimes combined with alcohol, a practice that distributors are aware of, but say they do not promote.
The product is supposed to augment women's libido and sexual stimulation and typically is marketed with the description "love herbs from Sweden." Its first name was Niagara, in an apparent pun referencing the Viagra erectile dysfunction treatment and the waters of Niagara Falls, but the company was sued by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer for copyright infringement, leading to a name change in 2001. Nexcite was the focus of heavy promotion following the name change, including a discussion of the product in an article in the women's magazine Redbook, in which the author personally tried several products that purported to promote libido or sexual satisfaction in women.