Firefly Tonics

Firefly Tonics is an English producer of fruit juice drinks with added herbal extracts. The range includes a number of drinks that feature such botanical extracts as Angelica, Damiana, Siberian Ginseng and Sarsaparilla mixed with fruit juices such as Peach and Blueberry.
In 2008 the company launched "Firefly Water" - a naturally low-calorie spring water drink with antioxidant-rich teas such as Green tea, White tea. Firefly Water is Britain's first enhanced water to be organic certified, and won "Best new functional drink" at the international Beverage Innovation Awards in April 2008.
Firefly was founded in 2003 by Harry Briggs and Marcus Waley-Cohen, two London-based entrepreneurs. The herbal formulas for the drinks were developed with two expert herbalists, Michael McIntyre and Andrew Chevallier.