Food Grade Sodium Hyaluronate

At the end of 1980s, the oral administration hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) improves looks the health foods to appear in Japan.Its basic theory basis is: The hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) through the oral administration after the digestion absorption, increases the precursor which in vivo hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) synthesizes, causes in the skin and other organization's hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) the resultant quantity increases, thus enables the skin the water retention property to increase, rich elasticity, wrinkle reduction.
The hyaluric acid the cosmetics only role Yu Tu to wipe the spot the skin surface layer, increases the skin surface the hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) the content, plays moistens, guarantees the wet function, is topicality.But takes orally the hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) to improve looks the healthy product is the body-wide function, is by the dermis to the epidermis increase endocardial hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) the content, causes the cell to activate, plays the whole body role, has the obvious difference with the cosmetics partial use.The surface improves looks the main consideration to partial epidermis nursing, but to does not have the function as the skin main constituent dermis.The dermis matrix mainly by the collogen and the hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) and so on the mucopolysaccharides is composed, along with the age growth, the skin aging is because the collogen has the change to cause, but the collogen change is because has guarantees the water function the hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) the reduced result.Therefore, the maintenance collogen function must supplement the hyaluric acid. The person (hyaluronic acid) the content is highest in the embryo timein vivo hyaluric acid, after the birth gradually decreases, if (hyaluronic acid) the comparative content decides as 20 year-old humanbody in hyaluric acid 100%, 30, 50, 60 year old of time-sharing otherdrop is 65%, 45%, 25%. The same age crowd contains the hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) the quantity is also different, sicknesspatient's hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) the content obviouslyreduces, demonstrates the senile many symptoms. Takes orally the hyaluric acid (hyaluronic acid) to improve looks the health foods to be allowed to supplement in vivo the hyaluric acid has the activation skin cell, the maintenanceepidermis is moist, improves function and so on skin. The performance for by in vivo to in vitro whole body cosmetology and the health care,is valued more and more many people's and accepts. Especially starts the regular supplement hyaluric acid from more than 30 years old
(hyaluronic acid) to be possible obviously to lengthen the skin youth.
Except the skin outside, the hyaluric acid also similarly gets up in other organizations and the organ the lubrication to guarantee the water and so on the important physiological action, like ticulare, blood vessel, heart, eye, brain and so on.In these organizations hyaluric acid the content reduces may cause arthritis, the arteriosclerosis, the pulse not not neat, the eye aging, the atrophy of brain.The oral administration hyaluric acid may supplement in vivo hyaluric acid the insufficiency, the prevention gets older, maintenance aging crowd's health.