The Bouteillan is a cultivar of olives grown primarily in Provence. Originally from the town of Aups in the Var département, it is today grown also in Australia and the United States. It is mostly used for the production of oil. The Bouteillan is vulnerable to certain pests, but has a good resistance to cold.
The Bouteillan is originally from the town of Aups in southern France. It is today grown primarily in the region of Var in Provence. It can also be found in Egypt, and as far away as Australia and the United States.
It is a cultivar of medium-to-weak vigour, with a spreading growth form, and elliptic-lanceolate leaves of medium length and width. The olives are of medium weight, and ovoid, slightly asymmetrical in shape. The stone is rounded at both ends, with a rough surface and a mucro.
Depending on the region, this cultivar is picked from the end of October until New Year. When fully mature, the colour of the fruit is Burgundy. The olive is clingstone – the stone clings to the flesh.