Herbal Remedy May Treat Obesity And Heart Disease

Recently, scientists from Germany have discovered that extracts of a traditional herbal remedy from Tabebuia impetiginosa can act to delay the absorption of dietary fat in animal models. And they believe that the extract could be incorporated into a food supplement which may not only reduce obesity, but also lessen the risk of development of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. 
According to the scientists, the extract may have a potential use in treating obesity. However, they believe a food-supplement based on Tabebuia could reduce the incidence of these diseases as well, because coronary heart disease and diabetes have also been shown to be related to higher triglyceride levels after eating. What is more, as obesity in developing countries is also on the increase, such extracts, taken as a capsule or added to food, may be a cheaper alternative for the rural population to pharmaceuticals.