What is Allantoin?

Allantoin is a skin active ingredient with keratolytic, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritant properties. It relieves the skin irritation caused by soaps and detergents, acids, and alkalies in oral and skin care products. In cosmetics, allantoin is used as an adjunct in numerous preparations, where it enhances soothing, cleansing and healing action. In hair care, the keratolytic action of allantoin is useful for breaking up dandruff scales. The amphoteric character of allantoin has a substantive effect on skin and hair, which prolongs keratolytic activity. The use of Allantoin in topical creams was enthusiastically reported in scientific journals since the 1930s. In the USA, allantoin has been classified by the FDA OTC Topical Analgesic Review Panel as a Category I (safe and effective) active ingredient skin protectant, at use-levels of 0.5~2.0%.