What is Mabinlin II?

Mabinlins are sweet-tasting proteins extracted from the seed of Mabinlang (Capparis masaikai Levl.), a Chinese plant growing in Yunnan province. Mabinlin II is one of the major sweet proteins isolated from the mature seeds of Capparis masaikai Levl. It consists of the A chain with 33 amino acid residues and the B chain composed of 72 residues. Mabinlin II was first isolated in 1983 and characterised in 1993, and is the most extensively studied of the four. And it was purified by ammonium sulfate fractionation, carboxymethylcellulose to Sepharose ion exchanged by at least 48h incubation at nearly boiling temperature. The Mabinlin II has been crystallized and diffraction data were collected to 1.7 ? resolution. The crystal belongs to space group C2 with unit cell parameters a = 80.11 ?, b = 51.08 ?, c = 47.34 ?, b = 122.77°.