Rutabagas are commonly called table turnips or swedes. They have longer necks,bluish leaves with more bloom.Rutabagas are very analogous to the turnip except the yellowish flesh, a more dense root with more side shoots and usually harvested at a larger size. Compared with the turnip, the rutabaga has smooth, waxy leaves, and they require about one month longer to develop than turnips. In northern New England, rutabagas are much more popular than turnips. Rutabagas can be found the year round in Texas, though they are not common in most retail outlets because of low demand. Locally grown rutabaga should be on the market from April through July and from October through December. If planted early in the spring, rutabagas will be of poor quality (woody and tough). They do better in the fall than in the spring for they take the longer time to mature -- about 30 to 45 days longer than turnips.