Function of Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluric acid (Haluronic acid, HA) the famous hyaluronic acid, is one kind of acidic mucopolysaccharide, American Meyer and so on first separates this material from the buphthalmos vitreous body in 1934.It is the modern ophthalmology department surgery most ideal raw material, if uses in the eyeball crystal transplant surgery, can cause the blind person to regain eyesight; Because has the strong viscosity, is material which the ophthalmology department “the coherent surgery” is most ideal and only may use effectively until now.The hyaluric acid demonstrated by its unique molecular structure and the physics and chemistry nature in organism many kinds of important physiological function, like lubricates the joint, the adjustment blood vessel wall permeability, the adjustment protein, the water electrolyte proliferation and the revolution, the promotion wound cicatrization and so on. Especially more importantly, it has specially guarantees the water function, is in the nature which at present discovered guarantees the wet best material, is called ideally natural guarantees the wet factor (Natural moisturizing factor, NMF, for example: 2% pure hyaloplasm acid water solution can maintain 98% moisture content reliably.The hyaluric acid is one kind of multi-purpose matrix, the human skin mature and the aging process also and cuts the Chen metabolism along with the hyaluric acid content to change, it may improve the skin nutrition metabolism, causes the skin tenderly, smooth, to wrinkle, the increase elasticity, to prevent senilly, while guarantees wet also is good passes the skin absorption promoter.With other nutrition ingredient coordination use, the promotion nutrition absorption effect is more ideal.