Brassica napus

Brassica napus is a variable species that can be divided into three groups or subspecies - B. n. napobrassica including the rutabagas, grown for their enlarged turniplike swollen stems; B. n. pabularia including Siberian kale and Hanover salad, grown for leafy kale-like greens; and B. n. oleifera including rape and canola(colza in India), grown for esculent leaves, as forage crops for live-stocks, or for the seeds that vegetable oil is made from.They all have large and flat leaves of 12-20 inch (30.5-50.8 cm) long and 8-15 inch (20.3-38.1 cm) wide; all stand 2-4 feet (0.6-1.2 m) tall at most; all have yellow, cruciform flowers with four petals; and all produce falciform pods which contain tiny round seeds.