Biophytum sensitivum

Biophytum sensitivum is veritably a remarkable little plant that looks like a miniature palm but belongs to the wood-sorrel family. It has been studied in pharmacy and holds considerable potentiality in ethnobotany - don't use it to make your own potions.Biophytum sensitivum is a traditional oriental herbal medicine that is known for its immunostimulatory and antitumor effects. In the Philippines the seeds (applied in the form of a powder) are used as a traumatic. The roots are administered in cases of gonorrhea and bladder concrement. Bruised leaves are applied to contusions. A latest work (unpublished) of Dr. F. Garcia shows that the plant is a hopeful cure for diabetes mellitus. He declares that it contains a component just like insulin. Gross reports that an infusion of the leaves is useful as an expectorant. In Brazil, the plant is used as an antiasthmatic, and also against scorpion stings. It is also a reputed medicine for tuberculosis.