Hyaluronic acid health foods

1 Hyaluronic Acid in health foods importance
At the end of 1980s, take orally the HA cosmetology health foods to appear in Japan.Its basic theory basis is: HA through the oral administration after the digestion absorption, increases in vivo HA synthesis the precursor, causes in the skin and other organization's HA resultant quantity increases, thus enables the skin the water retention property to increase, rich elasticity, wrinkle reduction.
In vivo does the idea by HA to be possible to maintain its weight 1000 time of moisture contents, thus in vivo HA reduction may cause the moisture content the remarkable reduction.Although HA distributes in vivo all organizations, but the content high organization has the ticulare, the blood vessel, the heart, the eye, the brain as well as the skin and so on.If above organization appears HA to reduce may cause arthritis, the arteriosclerosis, the pulse uneven, the eye presbyopia, the atrophy of brain as well as the skin appears the wrinkle.Takes orally HA to be possible to supplement in the internal organs and organization's HA insufficiency, the prevention gets older, to maintains the aging society crowd the health to have the vital significance.Takes orally many symptom occurrences which because the HA also hopeful preventing and controlling organ HA lacks creates, possibly develops treats arthritis the medicine.
HA is in the cell division and the structure the essential material, includes massive HA in the embryonic period.The fertilized egg develops in a newborn process from a single cell, a cell must carry on the up to ten thousand hundred million time fission and the differentiation, does not have HA not to be able to complete.The newborn grows to the adult, still needed the cell the multiplication, the adult includes about 60,000,000,000,000 cells, thus HA was essential.Baby's skin tender smooth, includes is higher than 20 time of HA the adult, demonstrated in this HA and the skin slide the tender relations.
The human is highest in the embryo time in vivo HA content, after the birth reduces gradually.If decides as 20 year-old human body in HA comparative contents 100%,30, 50, time 60 years old distinguishes the drop is 65%, 45%, 25%.The same age crowd contains the HA quantity to be also different, the old sickness patient's HA content obviously reduces early, demonstrates the senile many symptoms.Takes orally the HA cosmetology health foods to be possible to supplement in vivo HA, has the activation skin cell, the maintenance epidermis is moist, improves effects and so on skin.
2 HA absorptions
Because of HA itself for in vivo existence natural material, determines its absorption to be very difficult accurately.Some research thought high polymer HA absorbs difficultly, low molecular HA to absorb easily.Although in vivo organization's HA molecular weight is high, but low molecular HA after the oral administration absorption, may display HA the function, prompts the oral administration absorption low molecular HA to be possible to produce high polymer HA in vivo.Some people extrapolated that, after the low molecular HA absorption, after becomes the ciliary cell ingestion the resynthesis to need the molecular weight HA, thus may enhance the ciliary cell HA synthesis ability, the skin cicatrization speed speeds up obviously, possibly is becomes the ciliary cell to synthesize HA the speed increase result.
3 Health foods use HA the origin and the use present situation
Health care cosmetology food with HA from the cockscomb extraction preparation, the purity request is generally low, usually below 10%, includes the sulfuric acid chondroitin, the sulfuric acid skin element and the collagen egg in addition waits in vain to compose the extracellular matrix the material, called it compound mounts the polysaccharide.HA Mr is low, favors the digestion absorption.
To one kind from cockscomb extraction named ECM?E (extracellular matrix extraction thing) compound mounts the polysaccharide the animal experiment and the human body experiment proof, takes orally ECM?E may promote the skin wound spot granulation tissue production and become the ciliary cell the migration, has the obvious promotion wound cicatrization function.The clinical test result indicated that, takes orally ECM?E has the obvious cosmetology effect.From d3~24, the most test skin becomes smooth, the favor, the face, the hands and feet as well as the whole body appears the cosmetology effect.The cockscomb on enjoyed since old times as the good food, EMC?E contains HA, mounts the polysaccharide and the protein and so on the natural material which has for human body itself, has highly the security.The cockscomb extraction protein content is high, after the minority allergic physique person takes has the skin to blush, sao itches and so on mild allergic reaction.If has this kind of situation, should stop using.
Takes orally the HA cosmetology health foods besides to include HA or compound mounts the polysaccharide (cockscomb extraction thing), but also has many kinds of nutrition health care ingredient, like Vitamin, carrot element, cellulose, glucosamine, chitin and so on.The product goes on the market which in Japan includes: Run Li EX (each piece of 300mg, including HA, sulfuric acid skin element and so on compound mounts polysaccharide 120mg, collagen 70mg, Vitamin C 40mg, crystallization cellulose 48mg, the corn egg waits in vain 11mg, glucosamine 10mg, elastin 1mg).Our country Taiwan also has this kind of cosmetology health foods.
At present the domestic mainland also has this kind of healthy product to study, after hopes to go on the market soon.