Balloon Vine(Cardiospermum halicacabum) health benefits

The Balloon Vine(Cardiospermum halicacabum) has the characteristics of vine plants and belongs to the annual plants. The tip of its soft leaf is three-prong shape, and the leaf margin is serrated. From July to September every year, a small flower with a diameter of only about 5 mm will grow from it, and its green fruit will gradually expand in the shape of the balloon.

Balloon Vine Extract(Cardiospermum Halicacabum Extract)
Health Benefits:
1. Treat eczema of scrotum
The balloon vine can clear heat and detoxicate, making it therapeutic in the treatment of eczema of scrotum induced by heat and humidity. When treating, you can add 150g balloon vine and 50g fructus cnidii in a bowl and boil them with water. Then remove the liquid and wash the affected part once a day so as to relieve itching quickly, and make the eczema of scrotum die down rapidly.
2. Cure furunculosis
The balloon vine is a commonly used medicine to treat furunculosis in life. After the onset of illness, the fresh whole grass of the balloon vine can be ground into mud-shape, and the appropriate amount of winter honey is added to make the ointment, and then directly applied to the area of furunculosis. The ointment should be used one or two times a day, and the symptoms will be significantly improved after three to five days.
3. Cure aphtha
The balloon vine can cure edema and relieve pain, and it can also reduce inflammation. It has a good therapeutic effect on aphtha. During the treatment, the fresh balloon vine leaves can be ground into mud-shape, and the edible salt is mixed up and then applied to the painful area. Patients can spit it out after three to five minutes,  with one-to-three-time medication a day, which can speeds up the healing as well as quickly relieving pain.
Side effects of balloon vine
The balloon vine, which is non-toxic and cold in nature, has no side effect in normal use. However, people with fear-of-cold constitution should not take it, otherwise it will make the human body become more fear of coldness, which is not good for their health.