7 popular cosmetic ingredients in the market in 2019, let's see what they are?

1. Nicotinamide: A must-have option for whitening and light spots
With the deepening of the research, the multi-faceted effect of nicotinamide has gradually become prominent, and it has applications in whitening, moisturizing, oil control, reducing pores, anti-aging, or for treating acnes.
The hot white bottle of The Ordinary Nicotinamide solution in 2019 is a typical representative which is recommended by the majority of beauty bloggers. In addition, the OLAY light-sensitive white bottle is still hot, and the ISD nicotinamide whitening ampoule and SK-II small bulb whitening essence are also quite popular. It proves that consumers have wide recognition of the efficacies of nicotinamide for whitening and light spots, and will set containing a certain concentration of nicotinamide as one of the criteria for selecting whitening products.
2. Retinol: An anti-aging master, and a "good partner" of nicotinamide
In recent years, retinol, which is a "good partner" of nicotinamide, is also a "internet celebrity" ingredient, and has been widely recognized by consumers in regulating the epidermis and cuticle metabolism, anti-aging, and diminishing epidermal pigments.
Retinol products: Neutrogena A Moisturizing Night Cream, a golden partner of Olay Light White Bottle. Apart from them, there are Paula Retinol Essence and RetinolA Essence which are popular this year.
3. Ceramide: An "artifact" for repairing
Ceramide is a lipid naturally found in the skin. Data has shown that ceramide can effectively help the skin lock in moisture and promote self-healing of the skin barrier. With the growth of our age, the natural secretion of ceramide in the skin accordingly decreases, which leads to dry skin, wrinkles, and some skin inflammation. In recent years, with changes in air pollution and extreme weather, the concept of "repairing" has continued to be hot in the skincare field, and ceramide has also become quite a popular moisturizer, which is mainly used in masks, essences, lotions and creams.
The relatively well-known ceramide products include Lanzhi Beauty Essence, Shigeo Doctor Soft Run Marine Collagen Gel, EltaMD Ceramide Repair Essence, Guyu Whitening Repair Cream, CeraVe Moisturizing Milk and so on.
4. Bifidafermentlysate: The "soul" ingredient of lady brands
Schizosaccharomyces cerevisiae is a metabolite, cytoplasmic fragment, cell wall component and polysaccharide complex obtained from bifidobacteria after culture, inactivation and decomposition. The yeast is obtained by culturing, inactivating, and decomposing Bifidobacterium to obtain metabolites, cytoplasmic fragments, cell wall components, and polysaccharide complexes. It can be called the lysate of the fermented product of the fission yeast which is totally different from the yeast itself. The extraction process is similar to lysate from yeast fermentation products.
The main effect of Y. lobata yeast is to repair anti-light aging, whitening and anti-aging, which has a strong anti-immunosuppressive activity and can promote DNA repairing, effectively protecting the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It produces small molecules that are beneficial for skin care, including vitamin B group, minerals, amino acids, etc. It is a high-quality yeast extract used only for skin care, strengthening the metabolism of the stratum corneum, capturing free radicals, and inhibiting lipid peroxidation. with whitening and anti-aging functions.
Yeast is also called "luxurious yeast", which is the important component of Estee Lauder's "little brown bottle" essence, Lancome "little black bottle" muscle base liquid and Clinique's new essence.
5. Hyaluronic acid: A "master" of hydrating and moisturizing
Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA, belongs to mucopolysaccharide. It is a significant moisturizing ingredient in the beauty industry, which is contained in many skin care products and cosmetics. The listing of Huaxi Biotechnology, a technology company whose main product is hyaluronic acid in 2019, has proved to some extent the productivity and influence of hyaluronic acid in the industry. Well-known products containing hyaluronic acid include Xiuli Ke B5 gel, Winona Hyaluronic Acid Repair Biofilm, etc.
6. Peptide: black technology for anti-aging
Peptide is a small molecule protein. 
The peptide can promote the synthesis of new collagen and achieve anti-aging effects. Different types of peptides have various effects. Widely used peptides include signal peptides, neurotransmitter inhibitory peptides, carrier peptides, etc. 
The relatively famous products containing peptides are OLAY Red Bottle, Korean brand AHCB5 hyaluronic acid series, Estee Lauder specializing in firming essence, sea blue mystery essence cream, etc.
7. Cannabidiol: Emerging "superstar"
Cannabidiol is the extract of industrial hemp flower and leaf dry matter.
CBD is an industrial hemp flower and leaf dry matter extract, which is a non-addictive ingredient in cannabis, and has antibacterial, anti-inflammator