Thiazine Red

Thiazine Red

[ CAS NO. ] 2150-33-6 
[ Molecular Formula ]  C24H15N3Na2O7S3
[ Molecular Weight ]  599.558 
[ Appearance ]  Dark red powder
COA of Thiazine Red
Odor: Odourless
Purity (HPLC): 99.5%
Melting point:  78℃
Density: 1.65g/cm3
Colored light: Standard
Loss on Drying: 0.2%
Water insoluble:  0.11%
Solubility:  Soluble in water, ethanol, solution in orange red, have yellow green fluorescent . Soluble in glycerol, propylene glycol, does not soluble in oils, fats, etc. Light fastness is poor, good heat resistance.In alkaline conditions is stable , when meet acid will give a precipitate.
About Thiazine Red:
Soluble in water, vary from red to magenta, soluble in ethanol into red. It is reddish purple in concentrated sulfuric acid, reddish purple after dilution, and precipitated. The  aqueous solution is added with concentrated hydrochloric acid to have a reddish purple precipitate; the aqueous solution is added with concentrated sodium hydroxide solution to have a magenta precipitate. 
Thiazine Red R can be used to investigate the relationship between structure and fluorescence of azo dyes. Thiazine Red R can also be utilized in assays that detect abnormalities in blood samples such as protein aggregates.
[ Storage ]  Store in cool, dry place



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