Peptone (Bacteriological Grade)

Peptone (Bacteriological Grade)

[ Other name ] SOYBEAN MEAL
[ CAS No. ]  68308-36-1    
[ Peptone content ]  ≧98%
[ Appearance ]  Light yellow powder
[ Solubility ]
Freely soluble in distilled/purified water, insoluble in alcohol.
COA of Peptone
PH: 6~7
Clarity: No precipitation, clarification
2.2% aqueous solution:  Transparent
Amino nitrogen:  ≥3%
Tryptophan:  ≥0.8%
Total nitrogen:  ≥13%
Ash:  <6%
Sodium chloride:  ≤0.2%
Lead:  <2ppm
Loss on Drying:  <5%
About Peptone (Bacteriological Grade)
Peptone, Bacteriological is an enzymatic digestion of protein.
Being highly nutritious it supports good growth of wide variety of microorganisms and can be used for identification of bacteria by performing various biochemical tests.
Peptone (Bacteriological Grade) has a characteristic odor but not putrescent. It contains high tryptophan content used as culture media ingredient in variety of media. 
Peptone (Bacteriological Grade) contains high tryptophan content used as culture media ingredient in variety of media. It can also be used for production of enzymes, vaccines, antibiotics,steroids and other products.
[ Shelf life ]  2 year when properly stored.
[ Storage ]  Store in a well-closed place with constant low temperature(4℃) and no direct sun light.



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