CAS No.: 11121-32-7
Molecular Formula:C59H86N2O19
Molecular Weight:1127.32
Appearance: White Powder
Uses:Antifungal, Antiprotozoal
About Mepartricin:
Mepartricin is a deep antifungal drug with strong inhibitory effect on Moniliaalbican. Its effect is similar to amphotericin B, which binds to the sterol structure of the mold cell membrane and destroys the permeability of the membrane. Sodium dodecyl sulfate promotes the absorption of mepafloxacin into the bloodstream through the intestinal membrane. The absorbed drug has a high concentration in the kidney and is excreted by the urine, which is effective for vaginal fungal infection. Unabsorbed drugs are excreted from the feces. It also has an inhibitory effect on trichomoniasis. For Candida albicans vaginitis and intestinal candidiasis, can also be used for vaginal or intestinal trichomoniasis.
The principle of antibacterial is to destroy the sterol on the cell membrane, interfere with its normal metabolism, and inhibit growth and reproduction. It is usually used in combination with the auxiliary absorbent sodium lauryl sulfate to treat fungal diseases such as vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis and candidiasis of the small intestine caused by C. albicans.
Mepartricin can be used for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia. The mechanism of action is that it is not absorbed by the intestinal mucosa and irreversibly binds to sterols in the intestinal lumen, thereby alleviating the stimulating effect of steroid hormones on prostatic hyperplasia.



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