Estriol Micronized

Estriol Micronized

[ Synonyms ]
(16alpha,17Beta)-Estra-1,3,5(10)-triene-3,16,17-triol ; Follicular Hormone, Hydrate ; Oestriol;
[ CAS NO. ] 50-27-1  
[ Molecular Formula ] C18H24O3
[ Molecular weight ] 288.387
[ Appearance ] White Powder
[ SPECIFIC ROTATION [a]D25 ]  +54° to +62°
[ Application ]
Estriol Micronized is used as a medication, primarily in hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms.
About Estriol Micronized
Estriol Micronized is a sex hormone that is used in hormone replacement therapy. 
Estriol (E3), also spelled oestriol, is a steroid, a weak estrogen, and a minor female sex hormone. It is one of three major endogenous estrogens, the others being estradiol and estrone. Levels of Estriol Micronized in women who are not pregnant are almost undetectable. However, during pregnancy, Estriol Micronized is synthesized in very high quantities by the placenta and is the most produced estrogen in the body by far, although circulating levels of Estriol Micronized are similar to those of other estrogens due to a relatively high rate of metabolism and excretion. Relative to estradiol, both Estriol Micronized and estrone have far weaker activity as estrogens.



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