Skyfruit Extract

Skyfruit Extract

[ Latin Name ] Fructus Swietenia Macrophylla
[ Part Used ] Seed/Fruit
[ Specification ] 10:1
[ Active Ingredient ] Flavonoids and Saponins
[ Appearance ] Brown Fine Powder

[ Production Process ]
Select raw materials, clean raw materials, three times of extraction, concentration, spray drying into powder, screening sterilization, packaging

[ Function ]
1. Repair islet cells, promote insulin secretion, balance human blood sugar and alleviate diabetes;
2. Promote blood circulation, expand blood vessels, maintain blood pressure balance, and prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease;
3. Nourish the liver and protect the gallbladder, promote the body to expel toxins, and maintain the health of liver function;
4. Anti-aging.Skyfruit extract helps regulate human endocrine and remove free radicals to maintain skin health;
5. Enhance immunity. Rich nutrients can effectively supplement body nutrition and play the role of tonifying kidney and essence to enhance human immunity;
6. Skyfruit extract can inhibit the absorption of fat in the intestine, improve fat metabolism, prevent hyperlipidemia caused by high fat, and effectively reduce blood lipids;

[ Application ]
1. Health products;
2. Feed additive;

About Skyfruit Extract
Skyfruit extract has a lot of high nutritional components, its health care effect is very good. Long-term use can improve their own immunity, adjust the endocrine system, delay aging, beautify the skin, protect the liver and remove toxins.
Skyfruit extract has the effect of lowering glucose, blood pressure, lipid and three high levels. It can also effectively prevent various complications, and is of great help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, stroke, senile dementia, thrombosis and so on.
Skyfruit extract is rich in limonin, which has been scientifically proven to have anti-infertility effects on fish.
Skyfruit extract has been shown to enhance neurohormone regulation and lead to improvements in sperm production. The results are now being reused and tested to promote the incubation process of parent shrimp.

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