Krameria Triandra Extract(Rhatany Extract)

Krameria Triandra Extract(Rhatany Extract)

CAS No.: 84775-95-1
Active Ingredients:Krameric acid,Tannin,Rhatanine
About Krameria Triandra Extract(Rhatany Extract):
Krameria Triandra Extract is a very valuable tonic in cases of indigestion arising from direct debility, and is particularly serviceable when the habit is flaccid or leuco-phlegmatic. 
Krameria Triandra Extract is an excellent tonic also to associate with diuretics, cathartics, and absorbent stimulants, in cases of dropsy arising from debility. 
Externally employed, Krameria Triandra Extract is styptic. It operates powerfully upon certain kinds of tumors, resolving the parts, and restoring tone to them. It also corrects and cures many kinds of ulcers when applied in plasters. 
The roots of the Krameria Triandra have historically been used by the natives of Bolivia and Peru to care for their teeth and strengthen their gums. Krameria Triandra or Rhatany contains a large amount of chemicals called tannins.High in tannins, the roots contain astringent and toning properties, easing inflammation, redness and infection. Krameria Triandra root extract also tightens fine veins and tissues.
Krameria Triandra Extract has strong antibacterial properties and can be used for the prevention and treatment of acne, etc. It has a good promotion of the activity of fibroblasts,and has a revitalizing effect, and can be used for anti-aging cosmetics in combination with its anti-oxidation effect.Rhatany Extract can also be used as a whitening agent, a moisturizing agent and an anti-inflammatory agent.



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