Natural Vegetable Carbon Black Color

Natural Vegetable Carbon Black Color

[ CAS# ] 1333-86-4
[ Other Names ] Vegetable black Color, Vegetable Carbon Black, carbon Black, Natural Black Color
[ Character ] Black Powder, without odor, not soluble in water and organic solvent.
[ Manufacturing ] carbonize the bole, hull of plant, then refining.
[ Application ] baked food, candy, cookies, cake, rice, noodle, the maximal dosage is 5%/kg.
COA of Vegetable Carbon Black Color Liquid
Appearance: Black Liquid
Content: 15%
Solubility: Not Water dispersible and oil insoluble
Heavy Metal: <40pmm
Arsenic: 0.11ppm
Lead: 0.14ppm
COA of Vegetable Carbon Black Color Powder
Appearance: Black Powder
Color value E: 85
Assay: 100.0%
Moisture Content: <2.0%
Heavy Metal: <40.0pmm
Arsenic: <1.0 ppm
Lead:  <1 .0ppm
Solubility:  Water dispersible and oil insoluble
About Natural Vegetable Carbon Black Color
Natural Vegetable Carbon Black Color is quasi-graphite structure material of nearly spherical colloidal particles made from incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon (mainly of Petroleum), existing in the form of agglomerates, with appearance of pure black beads or fine powder. It is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, ethylene cracking tar, and a small amount from vegetable oil.
[ Storage ]  Keep in cool and dry place,protect from light and heat.



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