Gardenia Yellow Color

Gardenia Yellow Color

[ About Gardenia Yellow ] 
Gardenia Yellow, a pure natural and water soluble food color ,is extracted from the gardenia fruit of madder family (Gardenia jasmimoides ELLIS) by the process of crushing, extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing, spraying & drying. The main coloring ingredient is crocin and crocetin.
[ Characteristics ]     Gardenia Yellow is a yellow powder, can be dissolved in water and alcohol solution easily. It has a good resistance to light and temperature in neutral and weak alkaline mediums.
[Quality Standard ] 


Enterprise Standard

GB 7912~87


Yellow Powder

Orange Powder

Color v-alue E(1%、 1cm 、430~445nm)


More than 24(440nm)

Loss on Drying  % Less than



Ash           % Less than



Heavy metal  ppm Less than



Lead        ppm Less than



Arsenic      ppm Less than



Total plate count cfu/g less than



Pathogenic Bactenia



[ Application and Usage Reference ]
Gardenia Yellow can be used as coloring in the production of beverage, wine, cake, ice-cream, ice-lolly, preserved fruit, expansion food, jelly, flour cake, candy .The usage reference for 60 CV is 0.01-0.03%,the usage quantity can be decreased if the CV is more than 60.  
[ Package ]
 Plastic container with inner plastic bags, the net weight for each container is 20kg.Package standards are available according to consumer’s demand.
[ Storage ]
Sealed,avoid light, store in a cool & dry place. 



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