Gardenia Blue Color

Gardenia Blue Color

[ About Gardenia Blue ]
  Gardenia Blue, a natural food pigment, is got from the gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides ELLIS) fruit of madder family by biological fermentation.
[ Characteristics ] 
  The appearance of gardenia blue is dark blue. It can easily dissolve in water, ethanol solution and propylene glycol solution, can not dissolve in organic solvent. The shade is stable in medium when PH is between 4 to 8.It has a good resistance to temperature, but not to light. The dyeability is good to protein than starch.


Enterprise Standard


Enterprise Standard


Dark Blue Powder

Lead mg/kg Less than


Color v-alue E1% 1cm593nmPH7.0


Total Plate Count

cfu/g  Less than


Loss on Drying

% Less than


Pathogenic Bacteria



% Less than




Arsenicas As

mg/kg Less than




[ Application and Usage Reference ] 
  For the coloring of candy and fruit sauce, the usage reference is 0.02~0.03%. For the coloring of beverage, cake and wine, the usage reference is 0.01~0.02%.     
[ Package ] 
  Plastic or paper container with inner plastic bags, the net weight for each container is 20kg .Package standards are available according to consumer’s demand .
[ Storage ] 
  Sealed, avoid light, store in a cool & dry place. [ Shelf Life ] 
  Two years from production date if the storage condition attains as mentioned above.



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