Basella Rubra Red

Basella Rubra Red

Native region: Old world tropics
Zone range: 09-10
Preferred climate: Humid Tropical
Product description: 
This tropical vine grows rapidly in the heat of summer, and thrives in hot humid climates. The shiny red stems will twine around any support and will grow fairly rapidly in the summer heat, if supplied with sufficient moisture. The thick fleshy leaves are edible and a popular vegetable in the old world tropics. Plants can attain 30 meters of growth in a year in the tropics, but are considerably more restrained in temperate gardens, growing 3 to 4 meters in an average summer.
The leaves may be used like spinach in many recipes, and are particularly good if quickly stir-fried with a little chopped onion and red or hot peppers, depending on preference.



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