Acetogenins(Pawpaw Extract)

Acetogenins(Pawpaw Extract)

Plant source: Pawpaw fruits
Appearance:Red powder
Part Used:Fruit 
About Acetogenins(Pawpaw Extract):
Acetogenins are a kind of compound isolated from different plants of the family annonaceae and has various biological properties.The major components of Pawpaw are compounds known as acetogenins. They prevent the cell from making ATP, an important energy source.
Acetogenins(Pawpaw Extract)  has anti-tumor effect, anti-drug resistance, mechanism and cell cycle effects.
While acetogenins are toxic to various cell types, antioxidant components in pawpaw fruit may reduce the toxicity to nerve cells, thereby giving neuroprotection. The purpose of the study is to optimize acetogenin extraction, to identify bioactive fractions, to determine the level of uptake and metabolism of acetogenins by cells with the use of cell culture based assays, and to investigate the effect of pawpaw antioxidant components, in relation to changes in cell antioxidant levels and apoptosis caused by acetogenins.



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