White Paeony Root Extract

White Paeony Root Extract

Specification:  Paeoniflorin40% 
Detection method: HPLC
Botanical Name:  Raeonia lactiflora pall.
About White Paeony Root extract:      
    Peony is known simply as shaoyao when not distinguishing between red and white peony; Shao is the term referring to the peony plant, while yao means medicine; Hence shaoyao means: The medicine made from peony. Red peony is the whole peony root with its reddish thick outer bark (epidermis) included; White peony is the peeled root; The bark is stripped off to reveal a powdery white to pink underlayer. The way in which white peony is produced is described in the Advanced Textbook on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology: "The root of the three or four year old plant is dug and collected in summer and autumn, washed clean with the rhizome and fibrous roots. 
    White peony is less cold but bitter, so it can clear liver heat or heat in the blood, but its function is weaker than that of red peony. One difference is its sour taste, which results in an astringent property. Cold and sourness may generate and stabilize the yin. As it enters the liver meridian, it particularly nourishes the liver yin and blood. It is an appropriate herb when there is yin deficiency with slight empty heat in the blood. In this situation, the main symptoms are dizziness, dry and burning eyes, irritability, and hypochondriac pain and distention.



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