Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

[ Specification ] 75%protein, Octacosanol
[ Detection method ] HPLC
[ Botanical Name ] Triticum vulgare 
[ Appearance ] Pale yellow clear liquid
[ Application ]
1) Anti-oxidative,reducing colored patches,whitening and moisten skin;
2) Adjusting endocrine,improving menstrual disorder,menopause symptom;
3) Preventing coronary heart disease,hyperlipemia.
COA of Wheat Germ Oil
Odour: Has a unique aroma of wheat germ
Content: 99.0%
Relative Density: 0.925
Refractive index: 1.472
Acid value: ≤4.5mgKOH/g
Water&volatile matter: 2.8 mgKOH/g
Impurity: 0.08%
Peroxide value: ≤10 minol/kg
About Wheat Germ Oil
Wheat germ oil is widely used in cosmetics and as a dietary supplement. It is very effective at reducing scars and stretch marks. It contains vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and F and is also high in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids. 
Wheat germ oil is a great natural skin care treatment for rejuvenating dry, aging and dehydrated skin. Getting an organic oil of high quality is important for effectiveness, and it should be refrigerated. Wheat germ oil can also be found in soft gels.
[ Packing ] By 200kgs/Iron Drum, purged with nitrogen.
[ Storage ] Stored in cool & dry place, keep away from direct suglight & moisture
[ Shelf life ] 24 months in original package.Once opened the oil should be blanketed under nitrogen and used within six months



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