Lesser Celandine Extract(Pilewort Extract)

Lesser Celandine Extract(Pilewort Extract)

Specification:25% alcohol  2% Chelidonin
Detection method: HPLC
Botanical Name:  Ranunculus ficaria
About Lesser Celandine Extract:
Lesser Celandine Extract has a traditional use in the treatment of piles, both as an internal remedy and in the form of an ointment or suppository. Nowadays, it is used only externally because of its acrid nature. The saponins are locally anti-haemorrhoidal, an action enhanced by the astringent tannins. The saponins have a fungicidal action. Protoanemonin in the fresh plant is antibacterial and a strong local irritant but it is not found in the dried material where its dimer anemonin is inactive.



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