Kudzu Extract(Puerariae Extract)

Kudzu Extract(Puerariae Extract)

[ Specification ]  
1)Isoflavones 40% by HPLC                                            
2) Puerarin 70% by HPLC
[ Detection method]  HPLC
[ Botanical name ]     Pueraria Lobata(Wild.)ohwi
[ The source of the plant ]   The root of Legume Pueraria lobata Ge (Willd.) Ohwi and P.thunbergiana Benth.
[ Plant part used ] Root
[ Appearance ]   Yellow brown fine powder
[ Molecular formula and Molecular weight ]      C21H20O9:416.37
[ Main function ]
1. Vas expanding drug. Distending the vas of coronary artery and brain, falling oxygen cardiac muscle consumed;reforming microcirculation, curing micro-blood vessel pathological changes from agedness diabetes, coronary heart disease and brain infarct.
2. Treating unstable angina.
3.Being effective to cure sudden deaf of all age group.
4.Lowering blood pressure together with western medicine.
5.Preventing and resisting cancers.
6.Descend myocardial oxygen consumption.
7.Expand blood vessel.
8.Increase coronary blood flow.
9.Stimulate blood micro-cycle
[ Pharmacology function ]
It is the cardiovascular it acts on (expansion blood vessel); - Receptor blocks the effect, resists the arrhythmia cordis, and treats high blood pressure and heart to entangle.
COA of Kudzu Extract(Puerariae Extract)
Loss On Drying:  4.1%
Assay(Flavonosides): 40.7%
Bulk density:  45-65g/100ml 
Sieve Analysis:  NLT 100% through 80 mesh 
Heavy Metals:  ≤10ppm 
Arsenic(As):  ≤ 2ppm
Lead (Pb): ≤ 2ppm 
Cadmium(Cd):  ≤ 0.3ppm 
Hg: ≤ 0.2ppm
Total Plate Count:  <1000cfu/g
Yeast & Moulds:  <100cfu/g
E.Col:  Negative
Salmonella: Negative
[ Storage ] Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place.
Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.
[ Shelf life ] 2 years when properly stored



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