Jew's Ear Extract(Auricularia Auricula Extract)

Jew's Ear Extract(Auricularia Auricula Extract)

Specification: 40%Polysaccharides
Detection method: HPLC
Botanical Name:  Auricularia auricula-judae(Fr.) J.Schröt.
About Jew's ear extract: 
Cools the blood, arrests bleeding, benefits the flow of qi, nourishes the middle region, produces body fluids to nourish the stomach and lubricate the lungs. 
Essential to many household and industrial processes, fungi are also used in the production of enzymes, organic acids, vitamins, and antibiotics. Penicillin, a green mold whose abilities to inhibit the growth of bacteria were first discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, is just one of many fungi with beneficial effects on the human environment. Fungi also can destroy crops, cause such diseases as athlete''s foot and ringworm, and ruin clothing and food with mildew and rot. 
1)To treat anaemia (too few red blood cells in the bloodstream, resulting in insufficient oxygen to tissues and organs)
2)To treat anaemia (a condition in which the blood is deficient in red blood cells) and general weakness.



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