Goat´s Rue extract(Cheese Rennet extract)

Goat´s Rue extract(Cheese Rennet extract)

Specification:  50% guanidine,galegine
Detection method: HPLC
Botanical Name: Galega officinalis L
About Goat&acutes Rue extract:
Goat&acutes rue (Galega officinalis), or French Lilac, has historically been used for the treatment of diabetes since medieval times. The glucose and insulin-lowering effects of Goat&acutes rue extract are due to the natural substance, guanidine. Guanidine (Fig.4.) is the herbal prototype for the insulin-sensitizing, glucose-lowering anti-diabetic drug, Metformin (Glucophage), and for the related substance, aminoguanidine. The use of raw Goat&acutes rue is limited in diabetes by its toxicity. The toxicity of Goat&acutes rue is due to a substance known as galegine (Fig. 5), which can cause reductions in blood pressure and nasal discharge. Vitamin Research&acutes Goat&acutes rue extract is a special preparation that is standardized to contain 50% guanidine, with negligible amounts of galegine. VRP&acutes purified, high-guanidine form of Goat&acutes rue presumably shares most of the beneficial effects of aminoguanidine and Metformin, with none of the adverse effects of raw Goat&acutes rue herb.



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