Fructus Aurantii Extract(Orange Fruit Extract)

Fructus Aurantii Extract(Orange Fruit Extract)

Specification: volatile oil, aurantiamarin
Detection method:HPLC 
Botanical Name:  Poncirus trifoliata (L.)Raf/Citrus aurantium L./C.wilsonii Tanaka/C.aurantium L. var. amara Engl
About Fructus aurantii:
Orange Fruit is the dried, immature fruit of Citrus aurantium L. and its cultivated varieties (Fam. Rutaceae).The herb is bitter and pungent in flavour, slightly cold in nature, and acts on the spleen, stomach and large intestine channels.
To regulate the flow of qi, remove its stagnation, and alleviate distension.
Distension and pain in the chest and hypochondriac regions due to stagnation of qi; indigestion with retention of phlegm and fluid; gastroptosis, prolapse of the rectum, prolapse of the uterus.
Used with caution in pregnancy.



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