Folic Acid

Folic Acid

[ CAS No. ] 59-30-3
[ Molecular Formula ]  C19H19N7O6   
[ Molecular weight ]  441.40
[ Assay ] 96.0-102.0%
[ Grade Standard ] Pharmaceutical/Food Grade
[ Appearance ]  Yellow crystalline powder
Function of Folic Acid                                    
1) Can be used as a treatment of anti-tumour.
2) Show the good effects in the development of infant brain and nerve cells.
3) Can be used as schizophrenia patients auxiliary agents, it has significant soothing effects.
4) Can also used to treat chronic atrophic gastritis, inhibit the bronchial squamous transformation and prevent coronary artery sclerosis, myocardial injury and myocardial infarction caused by homocysteine.
COA of Folic Acid
Assay:  98.40%
Solubility in NaOH(100g/L):  The solution is clear
Sulfated ash: 0.13%
Water:  8.1%
Free amine:  Conform to BP2017 standard
About Folic Acid
Folic acid  is a vitamin found in green vegetables, liver, and kidneys which is used to make red blood cells.
Folic acid, also called folate or folacin, is a B-complex vitamin most publicized for its importance in pregnancy and prevention of pregnancy defects. These defects involve malformation of a structure in the fetus called the neural tube. As the baby develops, the top part of this tube helps form the baby's brain, and the bottom part unfolds to become the baby's spinal column.
Folic acid is one of the most chemically complicated vitamins, with a three-part structure that puts special demands on the body's metabolism. The three primary components of folic acid are called PABA, glutamic acid, and pteridine. (Two of these components, glutamic acid and pteridine, help explain the technical chemical name for folate, namely pteroylmonoglutamate.)
As complex as this vitamin is in its structure, it is equally as complicated in its interaction with the human body. For example, most foods do not contain folic acid in the exact form described above, and enzymes inside the intestine have to chemically alter food forms of folate in order for this vitamin to be absorbed. Even when the body is operating at full efficiency, only about 50% of ingested food folate can be absorbed.
Folic acid is an anti-anemia drug,also used as food additives.
[ Storage ]  Store in dry and sealed place, avoid contacting metals



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