Fe-Superoxide Dismutase

Fe-Superoxide Dismutase

Botanical source: Spirulina platensis
Appearance: blue or dark blue powder.
Product Description:
Fe-SOD is natural product separate and purified from Spirulina platensis with good Chemical stability and high medicinal safety, Half-life of up to 7 hours Activity (coefficient) can’t be inhibiting by H2O2. (Cu-sod ,Zn-sod and Mn-sod be inhibit by H2O2) Act on the human body without Cross infection and Allergic reaction
1)Fe-Superoxide Dismutase can clean the excessive superoxide anion radical which Generated by metabolic, can play the role of slowing down the aging body. 
2)Fe-Superoxide Dismutase can significantly improve and enhance the human  body immune function against the Diseases arising from superoxide anion  radical , include tumor, inflammation, emphysema, cataract, and so on. 
3)Fe-Superoxide Dismutase also can significantly improve and enhance the human body immune function against the superoxide anion radical—induced factors such as smog, radiation,Toxic chemicals and medicine. TO enhance the body's ability to adapt to the environment 
4)Can help us body Removal of fatigue and enhance the body's great ability to adapt to physical exertion



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