Common Cissamplos Herb Extract(Herba Cissampelotis Extract)

Common Cissamplos Herb Extract(Herba Cissampelotis Extract)

Specification: cissampareine,hayatine
Detection method: HPLC
Botanical Name:Cissampelos pareira L.var. hirsuta (Buch. ex DC.)Formen  
About Common Cissamplos Herb Extract:
Common Cissamplos Herb is the dried whole plant of Cissampelos pareira L.var. hirsuta (Buch, ex DC.) For men (Fam. Menispermac- eae) , used commonly in the Dai nationally.
Functions: To cause the subsidence of swelling, and relieve pain, to arrest bleeding, and to promote the growth of new tissues.
Indications: Traumatic swelling, pain and bleeding.
Usage:For traumatic swelling and pain, appropriate quantity of the dried powder to be applied topically after mixing with egg white; for traumatic bleeding, appropriate quantity of dry poder to be applied externally.



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