Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter Melon Extract

[ Botanical Name ]  Memordica charantia L.
[ Used Part ] Fruit
[ Detection method ] UV
[ Specification ]  15%Charantin
[ Appearance ]  Brown fine powder
[ Active ingredients ] Charantin
COA of Bitter Melon Extract
Assay: 10:1
Loss on drying:1.29%
Mesh Size : 100% pass 80 mesh
Ash: 2.03%
Heavy metals: 1.63ppm 
Ash: 0.44ppm 
Pesticides: Negative
Total Plate Count    ≤1000cfu/g
Yeast&Mold: ≤100cfu/g
Salmonella: Negative
E.Coli: Negative
Functions of Bitter Melon Extract
1) Anti-diabetic Activity
2) Anti-virus activity and etc.
3) Lowering blood sugar fast
4) Improving insulin function and releasability
About Bitter Melon Extract
The plant Momordica charantia belongs to the family cucuritaceae and is commonly known as bitter melon. In traditional herbal medicine, bitter melon is thought to stimulate digestive function and improve appetite. This has yet to be tested in human studies.Being a relatively common food item, bitter melon was traditionally used for an array of conditions by people in tropical regions. Numerous infections, cancer, and diabetes are among the most common conditions it was purported to improve. 
[ Storage ]
Store in cool & dry place; Keep away from strong light and high heat.
[ Shelf life ]
24 months when properly stored
[ Package ]
Enterprise standard. Drums or cartons, 25kgs/drum(carton),2.5kg/bag, double vacuum plastic packing (vacuum sealed foil bags) inside.



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