Raw material of curing diabetes

[ Package ]                   One kilogram of aluminium foil in bags
[ Character ]                  Raw material of curing diabetes smells faint scent and tastes a bit bitter.
[ Usage & Dosage ]       Take 400mg per time and three times a day.
[ Available population ]    Type 2 diabetics who control blood sugar by restricted diet and kinesitherapy are not satisfied with the result. 
[ Effectiveness ]             Balance blood sugar ,reduce blood fat, stabilize blood sugar metabolism
[ Precautions ]               Caution should be taken for pregnant women 
[ Storage ]                      Keep in cool,dry place and out of children’s reach.
[ Ingredients ]                Gingkgo ,fructus crataegi , barrenwort epimedium, yam, cacti, wild buckwheat, gymnema P.E, fructus momordicae, common fenugreek seed etc
[ Function ]
  1. Reduce blood sugar.
The elements such as flavonoids and terpenes in this product are effective to advance the composition of liver glycogen from glucose. Meanwhile, other elements as catalpol and pterostilbene contained in this product are effective to reduce blood sugar. These products will take effects at a small amount for most of us. And its effect to reduce blood sugar will be better if you take it for a long time.
  2. Recover and activate cells
The product can activate cells and advance the re-growth of body systems. It can prevent cells from the invasion of microbe and can repair and cure the cells and body systems which have pathological changes after use. Thus, it can protect insulin cells and recover the insulin function of the cells which have pathological changes if you persist in taking this product.
  3. Prevent and cure various complication 
The one who suffered from diabetes disease will suffer from high blood fat too. The aging speed of their blood vessels will be quicker than ordinary people. And this will lead to the symptoms such as microcirculation, brain thrombus, heart disease and complication of cardiovascular system. And its function to reduce blood fat, improve blood circulation, anti-oxidant and protect blood vessels are the main reasons why diabetes recovery capsule can control the eyesight decreasing of diabetes sufferers and prevent the occurrence of the complication of the cardiovascular system.   
[ Characteristic ]
  1. Free of toxicity and side effect
This product is 100% purely herbal preparation. Compared to chemical prescription drugs, it could not reduce blood sugar immediately, but it can reduce blood sugar by eating it long term.inducing syndrome .It won’t cause
  2. Do not have any prohibited ingredient 
Compared to other food and health products which can reduce blood sugar, this one does not add any chemical and prohibited ingredient so as not to induce chemical drug side effect. It reduces blood sugar safely and stably, and does not rebound. The diabetics can set their hearts at ease when they take this product.
  3. Do not cause the swift fluctuation of blood sugar 
Western medicine is easy to cause sudden hypoglycemia which will endanger your life. Diabetes recovery capsule which won’t cause the swift fluctuation of blood sugar is the stable adjustment of blood sugar, for there is not such danger as hypoglycemia.
  4. The best choice for all the middle aged and aged people
The course of disease for middle aged and aged people is generally longer. And the situations such as fragile liver and kidney function, weak immunity, physiological senescence and pathological senescence lead to the complication of diabetes disease.
Therefore, it is very important for the middle aged and aged people to adjust their immunity function. The function of nourishing liver and kidney of diabetes recovery capsule is actually to adjust the immunity of human body. And it is the foundation of insulin recovery. Only if the function of insulin can be recovered to its physiological standard, the stable situation of blood sugar can be kept. And it is also the key link to prevent the recurrence of disease. 
  5. Eliminate insulin resistance.This product can enhance the sensitivity and affinity of insulin and eliminate insulin resistance effectively compared to some western medicine which will simply stimulate ? cells to secrete insulin. Therefore,it won’t cause the exhaustion of ? cells insulin.
  6. Promote blood circulation, improve microcirculation and prevent complication 
Blood circulation is the carriers of substance and energy transportation.
Blood circulation barrier will cause the organs which related to diabetes disease can’t get the normal nutrition and energy. And the microcirculation barrier is the foundation of the complication related to diabetes disease. Therefore, the improvement of blood circulation and microcirculation is very important, for it can stop the occurrance of the complication which hasn’t occurred and can prevent the development of the complication which has already occurred. It is the effective method to reduce death rate, blind rate and disability rate during the treatment of diabetes disease.
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