Hydrolyzed Elastin(Marine Collagen)

Hydrolyzed Elastin(Marine Collagen)

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[ Source ] Scale and skin
[ Grade ] Cosmetic Grade
[ Appearance ] White Powder

[ Function ]
1. Skincare for healing with soluble collagen;
2. Can stimulate skin microcirculation, accelerate fibroblast;
3. Synthesize collagen faster, reduce wrinkles;
4. Can effectively fight free radicals, whiten the skin;
5. Can eliminate pigmentation on the skin surface;
6. Tightens skin and increases skin elasticity;
7. Has the effect of shrinking pores;
8. It can supplement the content of elastin in the aging skin, increase the softness of the skin, and lubricate the stratum corneum of the skin;

[ Application ]
1. Food;
2. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care products; 
3. Hair care products including shampoos, hair conditioners, hair balms, and hair pomades;

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About Hydrolyzed Elastin(Marine Collagen) Powder
Hydrolyzed Elastin, also known as Marine Collagen, and extracts the essence of elastin in ligaments through biotechnology, and makes it into a hydrolyzed solution that can be added to cosmetics and can be well absorbed by the skin. Elastin is known as "human rubber", which makes human tissues elastic and makes the skin soft and moist. Using hydrolyzed elastin can maintain skin elasticity, prevent skin dryness, reduce wrinkles, and delay aging. Hydrolyzed elastin is suitable for skin cream, firming cream, sunscreen, and mask in cosmetics.
The role and effect of hydrolyzed elastin is usually to supplement the collagen content needed in the skin, which can strengthen the skin's absorption capacity, and achieve the effect of firming and whitening the skin. Hydrolyzed elastin has the functions of moisturizing the skin, increasing skin elasticity and effectively alleviating skin aging.
Hydrolyzed elastin also allows the body to repair, build and heal muscle tissue in a natural state; collagen's specific amino acids help maintain and build fat-free muscle, as muscle helps regulate and boost metabolism to support the body repair process.
Hydrolyzed elastin is widely used in cosmetics, and has the functions of anti-wrinkle, whitening, repairing, moisturizing, cleaning, and improving skin elasticity. Hydrolyzed elastin can be used in body care products, which have the functions of activating cells, improving immune function, anti-aging, preventing skin aging, losing weight, strengthening the body, and enhancing breasts.

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